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Being an Artist is F**king Killing Me

Apr 23, 2019

This week on #baaifkm we have coffee with writer, composer and podcaster Kristen Zaza (@darkcoldnightpodcast). We talk about how her podcasts came to be, being careful about what you put out to the world and what number it would take for us to sell all of our lifes work. 

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Jan 15, 2019

This week on #baaifkm we sit down with theatre artist Daniel Williston (@danielwilliston). We talk about auditioning in the city of Toronto, how you have to keep yourself engaged in a show and growing theatre scene all over the country. 

Real conversations, real artists. 

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Oct 30, 2018

This week on #baaifkm Corynne (@corynnebisson) and Raine (@thatssoraine) sit down with dancer and choreographer Aria Evans (@thegotocompany). They talk about what it's like to feel a sense of community in a big city, to notice a shift in government funding and how that has fueled Aria's commitment to paying the artists...